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In a wide ranging interview for the North Devon Gazette Communist Party General Election Candidate Gerrard Sables explains why he is standing for parliament.

General secretary Robert Griffiths, a CP candidate in Cardiff in the forthcoming general election calls on members and supporters to donate to the campaign.

The voters of Croydon North will be heading to the polls tomorrow - and they have the option, unusual in this country, of voting Communist, writes Ben Chacko in the Morning Star.

If Communist Party leader Rob Griffiths had a fiver for every time he's been told that there's no point in Communists standing for election because they can't win, he'd be able to sort out the Morning Star's monthly Fighting Fund on his own, writes Morning Star political editor John Haylett.

Croydon’s Communists pledged to step up the fight against coalition cuts today as local members confirmed that Communist Party National Secretary Ben Stevenson will stand in the forthcoming Croydon North by-election.  Mr Stevenson, who is also active on Croydon Trades Union Council, said: “We’ve had two years of coalition cuts to jobs, pensions and public services which has only further weakened Britain’s economy. And worse is to come as 80% of the cuts planned have yet to take effect.