Opening Ceremony

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has organised 18 World Festivals on every continent since the first one in 1947. Held every 4 years, the festivals bring together young people from all over the world to unite and rally their power in the common struggle for progress, peace and social justice – and against imperialism, war and exploitation

The first World Festival of Youth and Students was part of a movement born after the victory of people throughout the world against Nazi-fascism in WWII. Fascism and fundamentalism have always been instruments in the hands of imperialist ruling classes to divide brother from brother, and sister from sister – and to exploit, oppress and take away our rights.

Today, fascism, fundamentalism, chauvinism, and neo-Nazism are rising again in many countries. Meanwhile, the imperialist ruling classes and their banks and monopoly businesses try to find a way out of their crises and make the workers and young people pay – taking away their access to education, jobs, housing, health and culture. The imperialist countries are flexing their muscles in order to maintain their power and markets: leading to wars, occupations, death, forced migration and refugees, and the violation of our basic human rights.

That’s why today – now more than ever – it is necessary for young people and students to stand united with the working people of the world against imperialism, fascism, colonialism, war, occupation and discrimination – and for a new world of peace, equality, solidarity, friendship and social justice.