Reddest of the Reds


SO Davies, MP and miners' leader by Robert Griffiths

STEPHEN OWEN DAVIES was one of the 20th century's great rebels.

From working underground at the age of 12, he rose through the ranks of the South Wales Miners Federation and the Miners Federation of Great Britain. The police and intelligence services tried to disrupt his work with the Red International of Labour Unions and the League Against Imperialism.

As the Labour MP for Merthyr Tydfil and a comrade of Aneurin Bevan, he campaigned inside and outside parliament against the Poor Law and the Means Test, and for the rights of workers, women and the unemployed. During the Great Depression, his efforts helped prevent the abandonment of Merthyr Tydfil as a living, working community.

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Manifesto - 3 classic essays

A unique concept that presents these three historical manifestos in a mini-anthology - a small, accessible and inexpensive volume.

Renowned poet Adrienne Rich argues convincingly these are not dry, boring, or dead political tomes. They each offer a panorama of radical ideas for today from the most famous revolutionaries in history. "Let's be realists, let's dream the impossible.", Che Guevara's words summarise the radical vision of the four famous rebels presented in this book: Marx and Engels' Communist Manifesto, Rosa Luxemburg's Reform or Revolution and Che Guevara's Socialism and Man in Cuba.

Far from being lifeless historical documents, the passion, inspiration and optimism of these revolutionary voices will resonate for a new generation seeking a better world.

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