Amateur video (only just released) shows the official launch of the book London Recruits - the secret war against apartheid in a packed committee room of the House of Commons by Peter Hain MP on 11 July 2010.  In the last two years, the authors and those interviewed have criss crossed Britain telling their story of solidarity to packed meetings.

It lasts one hour 25 minutes. There is a short blank before the video starts.
Among the speakers are Peter Hain MP, Ronnie Kasrils (SACP), Ken Keable (CPB, Editor), Sean Hosey (a YCLer who was arrested, tortured and jailed in South Africa), Katherine Levine (who smuggled arms), George Bridges, His Excellency Mr Zola Skweyiya (the South African High Commissioner) and Recruits John Rose (SWP) Mary Chamberlain and Bob Newland.
The book records an inspiring episode in the history of the Communist Party, the Young Communist League and the Socialist Workers' Party.
The video is a wonderful record of a historic and unforgettable occasion. About 100 people were present, including many more of the London Recruits who went on clandestine missions to South Africa from 1967 onwards to help the liberation struggle of the ANC and SACP.