Communists demand coordinated flood response

 Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths - himself a flood victim this week - has called on the government to get its priorities straight and its act together.

He says: “This government is about to press the button on expenditure of more than £100bn for a new generation of nuclear weapons, which no one believes - or can prove - will even be able to defend working people in Britain. In fact it makes their lives more precarious. But along comes nature to remind us of what must be done, especially in the face of global warming and worsening climate instability.

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CP urges left to advance not retreat

The left in the Labour Party and trade unions must stop retreating, according to Britain's Communists. 

Reporting to the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening (February 12), the party's trade union organiser Andy Bain said the Labour leadership contests had so far been a 'dispiriting fiasco'. 

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Communists warn of renewed Tory offensive

Under Boris Johnson, the Tories are in a stronger position than ever to enforce the kind of anti-working class policies they have been pursuing since 2010', Liz Payne told the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening (January 15).

She warned that austerity cuts would continue in the health, fire and other public services and in welfare benefits through the application of Universal Credit. Election pledges to invest in the NHS, education, policing and infrastructure would not be funded by taxes on the wealthy and big business - but by a heavier tax burden on working people, Ms Payne predicted.
'Voters who believed Johnson's populist promises will be bitterly disappointed', she reckoned, pointing to the government's refusal so far to honour the 'Dubs' pledge to accept unaccompanied refugee children as 'the first betrayal'.

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Welsh communists reject 'Anti-Brexit, anti-Labour' pact

Communists are calling for a Labour vote everywhere in Wales as polls show a close contest in many of the country's 40 Westminster constituencies.

At the Communist Party's Welsh congress in Merthyr Tydfil at the weekend, executive committee member Alex Gordon highlighted the 'undeniable gulf' between Labour's left and progressive domestic policies and those of the Tory Party.

'Only a majority Labour government will take key industries and services back into public ownership, invest in a Green New Deal and seek pension justice for women', he pointed out. The former RMT president also highlighted Labour's bold plans to expand trade union and workplace rights.

But he regretted Labour's failure to adopt a bold stance against extra military spending and nuclear rearmament. Mr Gordon also warned that its pledge to hold a second referendum on EU membership so that Labour Cabinet members could campaign against Brexit had spread confusion and disullusionment in many working-class communities.

While welcoming the prospect of a Labour victory, he believed it would mark only the beginning of an intensive new phase in the poilitical class struggle in Britain.

'Whoever wins On December 12, it will be essential that we build mass movements on every front, not least through the trade union movement, to fight for a peaceful, sustainable socialist society. For that, we will also need a bigger, more influential Communist Party', he concluded.

The Welsh Communist Party condemned the formation of a LibDem-Plaid Cymru-Green Party alliance in the current General Election.

'This is an anti-Brexit, anti-Labour pact which could hand Welsh seats to the Tories and the Ten Downing Street keys to Boris Johnson', the party's secretary Trevor Jones declared. Instead, he urged all Communists and socialists to campaign for the election of 'a Labour leader and domestic manifesto that we can support'.

Welsh CP chair Laura Picand described the alliance as 'a betrayal of the people of Wales who have been hit hard by LibDem-Tory austerity cuts and who have voted to leave the neoliberal European Union'.

The Welsh CP congress decided to remit a resolution in favour of a state parental wage to its incoming executive for further consideration. Pontypridd branch delegate Catrin Ashton said the current system of allowances and entitlements 'does not guarantee a living income for all parents of young children up to the age of five, whether or not they choose to continue working or opt for pre-school nursery provision that should be free'.

North Wales delegate Dave Morgan applauded the Welsh Labour government's aim to have a million-strong Welsh-speaking population by the year 2050.

'However, this requires a major programme of investment in the human and material resources necessary for a big expansion of Welsh-medium education at every level, from playgroups and nurseries to colleges and adult classes', he pointed out.

The Welsh Congress drew up plans to celebrate next year's centenary of the Communist Party in Wales and Britain, with events that would attract friends and allies from beyond the ranks of the party itself.

'The ruling class fears a Corbyn victory' say Communists

'The British ruling class are doing as much as they can to prevent Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party from taking office as the result of the General Election', Carol Stavris told the Communist Party's executive committee last weekend.

'Boris Johnson has been given the task by the Tory Party's big business sponsors of leading his divided forces to victory on December 12, aided by vicious daily attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by a large section of the mass media and by anti-socialist elements within his own party', the CP Women's Organiser declared.

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