CP EASTERN: District congress plans for action

HS_4Communists from across the East of England--from Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex-met in Cambridge on a wonderful sunny day to elect a new District Committee and to take stock of the challenge of a new government, the forces which can be brought together to block the ruling class offensive, and to draw up plans to build the CP. If you want to contact or join the CP in the East of England go here.

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Cambridge: Communists meet and plan

Communists in Cambridge have met to regenerate the CP branch and sketch out a plan of action for the forthcoming general election which includes building for a major event for the People's Charter.

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CP film project - What Is Socialism?

Communist party members and supporters in north London are producing a short film for young people, about socialism in action. But you don't have to be a Londoner to take an active part. If you want to help, get in touch.

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March SEP 1 W.P.S pg 1DE

The William Paul Socialist Sunday discussions are always interesting and informative. Come along and have your say.
Does change happen because we wish it would, or by the will of so called "Great Men"? Or is it a process based on the realities of ordinary people's lives?

Shropshire Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group

MS 16.08.18
On Thursday 16th August the Shropshire Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group summer social was a great success.

Labour Party and Communist Party members and trade unionists ensured that the Morning Star fighting fund receives £225.00 from our local supporters group. Thank you so much for your Solidarity and generosity for the ONLY daily paper of the left.

Birmingham & District Plus Branch Meetings 2018/2019

Birmingham CPB

Branch Meeting on the first Monday of the Month: Political Discussion,Planning, Organising, Events and Social. 7pm - 8.30pm.

City Centre venue

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September 3rd     Congress Discussion

October 1st       Congress Discussion  

November 5th

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