Communists in Wales are preparing for their Congress, amidst campaigning, the publication of a new edition of the CP programme 'Real Power for the People',  and elections to the Wales Assembly. Details follow.

Welsh Communist Party 

Bi-ennial Congress
Saturday 28 November 2015
Pontypridd venue tbc
9.30 am - 3.30 pm

The bi-ennial congress of the Welsh Communist Party takes place on our usual Congress/Communist University weekend (last weekend in November) on Saturday 28 November (9.30 am to 3.30 pm)

The plan is to hold the Congress in Clwb y Bont in Pontypridd.

There will be discussion on a main resolution and workshop discussions and action planning on our recently re-published 'Real Power for the People of Wales' document.

Branches are invited to send in up to 2 branch motions for discussion with the ability for amendments to these motions being tabled on the day.

Branches should elect delegates to the congress (one full voting delegate for every three members, or part there of, in the total branch membership can attend but unlimited consultative non-voting delegates are welcomed). (Delegate allocations: Cardiff 7; Flintshire & North West Wales 5; Merthyr & Cynon 3; Swansea and Mid & South West Wales 5; Pontypridd 6; Newport & Valleys and Monmouthshire & Borders 4).

Where it has not been possible to hold a branch meeting to deal with congress business the official branch delegates will be identified from those attending the congress on the day, by a caucus of respective branch members.

Branches will nominate comrades for a new Welsh Committee to be elected at the Congress (the outgoing Welsh committee is 8 in size but there are no restrictions to the number of nominations as the congress will determine the size of the new Welsh Committee). Additional nominations from the floor of congress will be permitted on the day.

The following branches: Flintshire, Cardiff, Pontypridd & Swansea are asked to nominate one comrade to the Election Preparation Committee. This body will be responsible for proposing the size of, and a recommended list for, the election of a new Welsh committee and will meet during the lunch break of the congress to take any representations to inform their determination of their recommendations.

The deadline for branch resolutions and Election Preparation Committee nomination will be Friday 20 November and should be sent to me by e-mailed (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)