Welsh Communists have criticised Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru for their failure to represent the views of the majority of the people of Wales in the EU referendum campaign.

  'Both parties have abandoned their opposition to the anti-democratic, pro-big business EU, leaving the field clear to those who whip up fears about immigration instead', Welsh Communist Party secretary Trevor Jones declared at the weekend.
  'By silencing those voices in their own parties who oppose the EU for progressive and internationalist reasons, Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru did a disservice to the referendum debate', he told a meeting of his own party's executive in Pontypridd.
  He also accused political and trade union leaders of putting their 'illusions about a mythical Social Europe' above the interests of the Welsh steel industry. 
  'They have ignored the EU ban on subsidising strategic industries instead of attacking it, and highlighted Chinese imports when steel imports from the rest of Europe are seven times higher', Mr Jones pointed out.
  Welsh Communists are calling for the referendum result to be implemented without delay, with an early General Election held to decide who should lead Britain's negotiations to leave the EU.
  In particular, the Communist Party intends to campaign against Britain remaining in any kind of 'single European market', arguing instead for control over imports and the export of capital. They also want recent measures against non-EU immigration to be reversed.