The Communist Party's national speaking tour against the Con-Dem government and its public spending cuts got off to a flying start in Bridgwater, Somerset, on Monday evening. For details of further meetings in the national speaking tour near you, go to events.

Addressing a full room at Unity House, Communist Party general secretary pointed to th connection between British government foreign and domestic policies.
'They are dictated by the interests of the City of London, British transnational corporations and the armamentss monopolies', he argued.
'That is why we are locked into an imperialist alliance with the US and NATO, with nuclear weapons, an enormous arms bill and military interventions that have nothing to do with defending the mass of ordinary people at home or abroad', Mr Griffiths added.
'The same monopoly capitalist interests distort the British economy and dictate policies of privatisation, deep cuts in public services and the welfare state and little or no tax on the super-rich and big business'.
He drew laughter and applause when referring to arms sales representative Prince Andrew, asking 'what five-letter word do we give to someone who procures customers for immoral services and lives off the proceeds?'
Communist Party women's organiser Liz Payne accused Somerset County Council of plunging many rural inhabitants, young people, the elderly and women into isolation.
'Local transport, library, youth and children's services are being axed with a callousness that is shocking', she accused, referring to the Tory-run council's plans to make £43 million cuts and more than a thousand redundancies.
She applauded the broad-based campaigning movement that is developing in south-west England in defence of local services.
From the chair, Ken Keable urged the audience - which included leading Labour councillors who oppose the cuts - to go to the TUC demonstration on March 26 and 'come back even more determined to defend public services and the welfare state - and get rid of this illegitimate Tory-led government'.