The Communist Party urges the left to unite in support of Ken Livingstone for Mayor of London at the Greater London Authority elections on May 3 2012. Livingstone is holding meetings in all 32 London boroughs.

The election of Tory Boris Johnson in 2008 has been a disaster for Londoners with his programme of budget cuts, underinvestment, above inflation fare rises and attacks on jobs and services. The cuts agenda being pursued by the Con-Dem government in Whitehall is being faithfully pursued from City Hall by Johnson and his administration. Threats to bus services, tube station ticket offices and the transport infrastructure project Crossrail are a warning of what Londoners can expect if Johnson wins another term in May.  
By contrast Ken Livingstone has adopted a principled opposition to the government’s austerity measures. He has also advanced progressive positions on many of the key strategic areas within the mayor’s remit: housing, public transport and the environment. The Communist Party particularly endorses his commitment to engage with transport workers on policy matters. The commitment to job creation through major infrastructure projects is also welcome. 
An Alternative Economic Strategy for London
The Communist Party considers the political priority in the May elections to be the defeat of the Right. This must be achieved through:
The election of Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London
The election of a Labour majority in the Greater London Assembly
To this end the Communist Party urges the Labour Party to offer Londoners a genuine alternative on May 3. Key to defeating Boris Johnson and securing a Labour majority will be policies that place ‘clear red water’ between London Labour and the party leadership which has accepted the government’s public sector cuts and wage freeze. The advance of a progressive agenda in London is key to rolling back the neo-liberal economics that have caused Britain’s current crisis and will inevitably lead to further recession. Labour candidates must reject the rule of the free market, in particular subservience to financial institutions in the City of London, in favour of policies that benefit London’s working people. 
The Communist Party will be publishing an Alternative Economic Strategy for London for debate in the run-up to the May elections.  
Communist Party London District Committee