Cambridge communists met Friday of last week for the branch AGM. It served as the occasion to pay tribute to the second oldest member of the branch, comrade Frank Liddiard [89 years] with 55 years membership. At the same meeting the branch elected a 19 year old engineering student as its new secretary. 

Frank joined the party in 1956 as a civil servant in the then Ministry of Housing going on to become Chairman of the Society of Civil and Public Servants. He continues to serve on the executive of Cuba Solidarity. Frank was presented with a certificate of long service and a voucher to spend at a well known local shop [unionised!] .

The branch adopted a year plan which will focus on the recruitment of women members and local trade union activists. Fittingly, the meeting was addressed by two local leaders of the Defend Council Housing Campaign. If you live in Cambridgeshire and wish to attend a meeting or get in touch go to