Communists in Yorkshire held a district congress during 2015.  You can read here, the resolution of the Congress, which sets out campaign priorities for the next two years.

Yorkshire District Congress 2015

The Communist Party in Yorkshire recognises that regardless of the outcome of the general election in May 2015 the ruling class will continue to use the policy of economic austerity,  with its tactics of propaganda,  privatization and legislation  to attack and diminish working class rights, expectations and living standards, and to inhibit our ability to organise and resist this overall ideological attack. 

Until the next Congress, it is therefore imperative that the party in Yorkshire works on two fronts. We need to promote an out-facing articulation of communism as a superior ideology and socio-economic system, while at the same time working with others in the trades union movement, People's Assembly and wider labour and progressive movements to oppose austerity - the principal struggle of the moment. 

We further recognise that the EU, undemocratic and beyond reform, continues to impose the austerity agenda across Europe, seeking to subordinate societies to markets and to drive down wages and keep Europe and Europeans available for exploitation by international finance capital.

At the international level, from the Ukraine to the Middle East the rise of competing imperialist blocks threatens the world both militarily and economically, while their efforts to destablise and overthrow progressive and popular governments carries on apace on a variety of fronts.

Despite these threats, at home and abroad there are growing demands for change. We note as examples the battle against TTIP, the rejection of austerity by the Greek people, and the relaxation of the isolation and attack on Cuba. 

The Communist Party in Yorkshire resolves to focus on three main tasks:

1) To build and develop the party ideologically (through study and education), organisationally and numerically to be strong and influential enough to play a significant role in shaping and informing the political struggles in Yorkshire.

2) To continue to develop the use of the Morning Star across Yorkshire as a tool for ideological debate and discussion, at the same time increasing its readership and safeguarding its future.

3) To develop work within the organized labour movement and alongside progressive networks, thereby raising the profile of the Communist Party and its 'line' with regards:

our relationship with the Labour Party and its role as a mass party of labour

the improvement of workers' rights, given that the EU is an undemocratic capitalist institution that cannot be reformed

the place of Yorkshire in a federal Britain.

The incoming Yorkshire district committee will address these three main tasks urgently and will prepare a challenging but realistic and achievable district plan within one month of the Ditsrict Congress.