COMMUNIST CALL: General secretary Robert Griffiths urges CP members and supporters to take action on 10 July strikes.  "The readiness of two million workers to strike this Thursday shows that the working class has not been defeated by the Tory-LibDem coalition for which nobody voted in 2010. They are determined to defend their pay, pensions, jobs and services.

This makes it all the more important that Communist Party members and supporters are there on the picket lines and at the marches and rallies on Thursday, backing workers in struggle.
Copies of the Morning Star should be ordered beforehand and taken to sell at these events. Wherever possible, some of the latest Party publications should also be on hand for trade union activists - notably the Unity! anti-austerity broadsheet and our most recent pamphlets on the Labour Party and the EU. Thursday would also be a good opportunity to distribute brochures for our 21st Century Marxism festival on July 26-27.
A rising tide of struggle will not only prepare the ground for a huge demonstration on October 18, when the TUC will be demanding that 'Britain Needs a Pay Rise'. It will also maximise the pressure on Ed Miliband to adopt the kind of manifesto that can win the next General Election and get rid of this vicious and corrupt Cameron-Clegg government.