Communist party general secretary calls on members and supporters to demonstrate in London and Glasgow.

Communist party general secretary Robert Griffiths, spoke at a meeting of CP organisers and officers on Monday about the challenges facing the labour movement and on preparations for the forthcoming 53rd Congress of the CP.

He issued a rallying call to members and supporters to make the demonstrations in London and Glasgow a bold and clear message that workers "will not tolerate poor wages and job loss, whilst exploitation increases and the super profits of price-fixing exploiters go unchecked."

He called on members and supporters to, "Rally to party banners in both cities and to spare no effort to turn out large numbers of unionised workers, their families and communities and to demonstrate in the tens of thousands."

The demonstrations will take place against a backdrop of strikes in health and local government, set for earlier in the week.

Workers are entering a period of preparation for the forthcoming general election (May 2015). Bold action now can set the tone of that election and define its key messages and ideological battleground.

The demonstrations on the 18 October are a challenge to the Government.

But they also challenge Labour, which is all too timid when it should be fighting tooth and claw to defend social gains including the NHS and education. Labour will win the election if it sets a course to regain for workers and their families, the huge household deficit, built-up under the hated austerity Coalition.

Make your plans now! Organised workers should press for a maximum turn out. All can join in: bring friends, family and local community activists.

If you are coming to:

  • London, exit the Temple tube station from 10am onwards and look for the giant red flag above the CP stall on the Embankment! Help distribute a special issue of Unity and the Morning Star.
  • Glasgow, CP banners and bloc will be forming up at 10am on Glasgow Green
  • If you want a bigger role, use 'get in touch' on CP website.

March behind the CP banners and make your voice heard.