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“We are a group of writers, artists and political activists interested in the arts, in culture generally, and in politics....We think culture matters. The arts can help develop us and liberate us. They please the senses, stimulate the mind, arouse our emotions, and inspire us. Culture includes most if not all of our thinking and activities, including sport, religion, science and technology, eating and drinking etc. Considered politically, all these cultural activities are sites of domination and acceptance, struggle and resistance, envisioning and transformation.

Let's work out how this happens, and join in the cultural struggle for liberation.

Culture matters. The arts and culture are linked to politics in many ways. A capitalist market economy creates enormous potential and possibilities for creation, criticism and communication. But at the same time, the drive for profit and the associated ideological drive to dominate ways of thinking and feeling, constrain the free creation and consumption of art and culture.

Let's work out how this happens, and change it.

Culture matters. The arts and culture can resist, oppose and overcome constraint, alienation and oppression. They can promote awareness, arouse indignation, and envision alternatives. Blake's 'mental fight' against the appalling social and political consequences of early capitalism is the same as our cultural struggle now, linked to our economic and political struggle against late capitalism.

Let's learn how to resist and oppose dominant meanings, and create new ones.

Culture Matters. Let's be creative, and imaginative, and help build a more democratic, equal, and socialist society, a 'new Jerusalem', in the green and pleasant land not only of England and not only of Britain, but of the world.

Visit the site on Saturday. Launches 10am.