The Queen's Speech and the EU exit negotiations underline the urgent need for a General Election and a change of government, according to Britain's Communists.

In his report to the Communist Party's political committee, Robert Griffiths slammed Prime Minister Theresa May's 'weak and unstable' agreement with the right-wing Democratic Unionist Party to prop up her minority Tory regime.

'Under cover of dropping Tory manifesto pledges to impose a wealth tax on people with dementia and abandon the "triple lock" pension guarantee, the Tory-DUP lash-up has ditched the promised cap on energy tariffs and manifesto commitments to boost NHS spending and local authority house-building', he charged.

The CP general secretary also attacked May's renewed commitment to cut Corporation Tax on big business profits from 19 per cent to 17 per cent by 2020.

He pointed out that Britain already has the lowest tax on profits in the G7 and the second lowest in the European Union.

'Abandoning manifesto policies to curb spending on pensions, social care and school meals while also cutting Corporation Tax means that the Tories will be looking elsewhere to impose austerity on the working class', Mr Griffiths warned.

not one day more leafletHe called for a massive turnout for the 'Not One Day More' demonstration in London this Saturday organised by the People's Assembly and trades unions.

'The time is also ripe for a united, joint campaign by unions to cast off the 1 per cent pay cap on public sector workers, especially after the heroism demonstrated recently by those in the fire, health and police services', the CP leader added.

The Communist Party reaffirmed its opposition to any EU exit deal which maintains Single Market and Customs Union rules that would tie the hands of a future progressive government in Britain.

'A left-led Labour government must be free alongside progressive administrations in Edinburgh and Cardiff to enact trade, investment, public ownership and procurement policies that put the public interest before private profit', Mr Griffiths insisted.

He said the Tories were seeking an agreement with the EU that would lock Britain into a treaty that leaves big business free to move capital, goods and super-exploited labour around Europe in order to maximise profit.

Britain's Communists urged support for a demonstration at the Ukrainian Consulate, 78 Kensington Park Park Rd., London, next Wednesday from 12 noon to 2 pm, in solidarity with the Communist Party of the Ukraine (KPU).

On that day, July 5, the KPU is appealing against a state ban imposed on the party by the country's extreme right-wing regime brought to power three years ago by a US, EU and fascist-backed coup. Criminalisation of the party has been condemned by Amnesty International and a host of national and international bodies around the world.