Britain's Communists have urged full support for the People's Assembly events in Manchester this week to protest against the Tory Party conference.

Meeting in the city at the weekend, the Communist Party executive committee said that workers and their families had had enough of cuts, low pay and privatisation.

'On behalf of the people of Britain, Sunday's huge demonstration served notice to quit on Prime Minister May and her callous, divided and dishonest minority regime', CP trade union organiser Andy Bain declared.

He congratulated the many People's Assembly, trade union, peace movement, Labour Party, Communist Party and other left-wing contingents on the march.

'We should never forget that it was mass campaigning and concerted industrial action that inspired hundreds of thousands of people to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party and destroyed the Tory majority at Westminster', Mr Bain reported.

'Now yet more extra-parliamentary can drive this weak and unstable May administration from office a long time before 2022 and secure the election of a Labour government', he added.

But the Communist Party warned that Labour's plans for a fairer society could come unstuck unless the Labour Party fully respects the electorate's majority vote to quit the European Union.

'The Tory right and even UKIP could enjoy a revival if Brexit is sabotaged', CP international secretary John Foster maintained.

'Millions of working class people did not vote to leave the EU only to find that a future British government remains bound by its treaties, rules and institutions - all of which promote neoliberal, monetarist and anti-working policies', Mr Foster insisted.

'A stronger Communist Party will be essential to support and keep up the pressure on a future social democratic government, against the madness of nuclear weapons and NATO and in favour of left-wing policies, to help put Britain on the road to socialism', chair Liz Payne added.

The CP executive meeting welcomed plans to celebrate the 1917 Russian socialist revolution in a series of events across Britain over the coming two months, including an international communist evening at the Cypriot Community Centre, Wood Green, on October 28 and a major conference at TUC Congress House, London, on November 4.