A YEAR on from Labour’s 'extraordinary' progress at the general election more needs to be done to build a socialist mass movement to sweep Jeremy Corbyn into office, the Communist Party said at the weekend.

The CP executive committee welcomed the marches for a new deal for workers on May 12 and for the NHS’s 70th birthday last Saturday, but cautioned that parliamentary revolts Labour MPs opposed to Mr Corbyn’s leadership had confused the party’s stance on leaving the European Union, potentially alienating working-class voters.

Ill-discipline by MPs also showed the need for a strong extra-parliamentary movement to ensure a Labour government can implement a socialist manifesto.

Though Labour’s commitment to implement the Institute of Employment Rights’s manifesto for labour law was vital, building trade union confidence that workplace struggle could secure victories independently of Labour legislation would also be necessary, the EC declared.

Labour’s continued support for US imperialism through British membership of NATO and nuclear weapons indicated the need to step up the battle of ideas on the left and win backing for an anti-imperialist government, a fight in which the role of the Morning Star and the NGO Liberation would be crucial, the committee heard.

Communists also emphasised the importance of preventing the construction of a third runway at Heathrow at incalculable cost to the environment, stressing the role of public investment in supporting smaller regional airports and for high-speed rail to cut down on unnecessary domestic flights.