Addressing the Communist Party's political committee on Thursday evening, Alex Gordon recalled the words of Bolshevik revolutionary VI Lenin: 'There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen'.

In just one week, Prime Minister Theresa May had met German Chancellor Angela Merkel, moved against the Eurosceptics in her own party and precipitated what could prove to be a fatal spate of resignations from the Tory Cabinet.

'May’s so-called "Chequers Plan" to keep Britain half in the EU single market and wholly tied to the EU customs union has fooled nobody, least of all her own MPs and EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier', Mr Gordon declared.

'Her crude attempt to impose a fraudulent Brexit is almost certainly doomed, even though some Labour MPs rushed to her aid by proposing a coalition government', he argued.

'Helped by his fifth column in Britain, Barnier and his cohorts will demand nothing less than an extortionate "divorce" settlement and total subjection to EU neoliberal big business freedoms as the price of any post-Brexit settlement', Mr Gordon added.

But the former president of the RMT rail union also made clear that the alternative to EU single market domination was not the right-wing Tory perspective for neoliberal free trade deals with the US and other countries.

'Working people need to break free from the yoke of neoliberalism of every kind', he insisted. In particular, a left-led Labour government was needed urgently to invest in manufacturing and infrastructure, renationalise the railways and energy utilities, direct private investment, outlaw the super-exploitation of migrant labour and carry out a host of other policies that would contravene EU treaties and directives'.

The CP political committee agreed to approach a range of political, labour movement and community organisations to discuss renewing the campaign for a 'left exit' from the EU and 'Fortress Europe'.

'The people's vote against EU membership has plunged the Tories and the far right into disarray and crisis - this is the left's opportunity', Mr Gordon concluded.