'Recent events in the House of Commons confirm that Britain is in a deep political crisis', Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths declared on Wednesday evening (January 16).

He was speaking at the party's Political Committee following parliamentary votes against the Tory government's EU Withdrawal Agreement and the Labour Opposition's motion of 'no confidence' in the government.

'At the root of the crisis is the vote by a people's and working class majority in June 2016 against membership of the European Union, whereas powerful sections of the ruling capitalist class want continued alignment with the pro-big business rules of the EU Single Market and Customs Union', Mr Griffiths pointed out.

He quoted recent statements by Tory Cabinet ministers, business bosses, EU officials and pro-EU Labour and LibDem MPs as evidence that there will be co-ordinated moves to further delay, undermine and if possible cancel the EU referendum decision.

'We may well see Article 50 extended, allowing extra time either to renovate Prime Minister May's "bogus Brexit" deal or to hold a second referendum in the hope that almost three years of hysterical anti-Brexit scare-mongering will reverse the result of the first', Mr Griffiths suggested.

'In any event, the aim will be the same: to maintain Britain's subjection to pro-big business EU rules that would obstruct the policies of a future left-led Labour government', the CP leader accused.

He urged the labour movement to maintain its demand for a General Election and the election of a left-led Labour government to negotiate future arrangements with the EU as 'the progressive way forward out of the current crisis'. Mr Griffiths also warned that 'some pro-EU Labour MPs are sharpening their knives' for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has defended the democratic principle that election results should be implemented, not cancelled on spurious grounds by the losers.

The CP political committee therefore demanded that Britain's exit from the EU on March 29 proceed in accordance with the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018.

'Exiting on World Trade Organisation terms would cause some temporary dislocation - made worse by the Tory government's deliberate lack of preparation over the past 30 months - but would not be the catastrophe threatened by discredited pro-EU doom-mongers', Mr Griffiths insisted.

'After all, much of the world trades with EU and other countries on this basis, which would also leave Britain free to implement mutually beneficial policies to assist Third World producers instead of penalising or super-exploiting them', he added.

The Political Committee also agreed to sign a statement from 21 Communist and workers' parties for the forthcoming European Parliament elections, condemning the 'intensification of exploitation and impoverishment policies' by an unreformable and militarising EU, calling instead for peace, social justice and sovereignty in a 'Europe of Workers and People'.