The three-pronged assault on Jeremy Corbyn and the prospect of a left-led Labour government must be resisted by labour movement activists and the trades unions, the Communist Party has declared.

Speaking to the CP political committee on Wednesday evening (March 13), alternate member Alex Gordon argued that Corbyn's keynote EU speech in Coventry in February 2018 had prompted a furious response from an anti-socialist coalition of forces in the 'New Labour' rump, the Parliamentary Labour Party and the mass media.

'Corbyn had rightly pointed out that EU privatisation and public service competition directives, state aid and procurement rules and the posted workers directive would obstruct Labour policies to support cutting-edge industries, stop the tide of privatisation and outsourcing and to prevent employers undercutting pay and conditions by importing cheap agency labour', the former RMT president reminded the political committee.

In the wake of Corbyn's speech, there was then a right-wing counter-offensive to impose a flawed definition of anti-Semitism on the Labour Party, to protect right-wing Labour MPs against deselection ballots and to trap the Labour leader into future support for a second EU referendum.  

Mr Gordon urged Labour left-wing and trade union activists to 'wake up' to the machinations of the pro-big business, pro-EU and pro-NATO elements in the Labour Party orchestrated by deputy leader Tom Watson and the likes of Hilary Benn, Keir Starmer and Yvette Cooper.

He called for 'uncompromising repudiation' of charges that Labour under Corbyn is 'institutionally anti-Semitic' and warned that Labour support for a second EU referendum would be a 'deadly vote loser'.

Britain's Communists insisted that 'class, mass and anti-imperialist politics' are the key to defeating the Labour right, winning a left-led Labour government and implementing left and progressive policies of public investment, renationalisation, control of capital and a substantial distribution of wealth. 

Responding to recent votes in the House of Commons, the political committee reiterated the Communist Party's view that Britain should leave the EU without delay on March 29, on WTO terms that would reduce imported food prices, aid Third World producers and begin to narrow the massive trade deficit with the EU. It also urged support for this Saturday's London and Cardiff demonstrations against racism and Sunday's annual Karl Marx oration at Highgate cemetery.

CP trade union organiser Andy Bain reported a big take-up of places for the party's residential school at Wortley Hall on March 30-31 on 'Building for socialism - educating, agitating and organising for working class power'.