MML LogoGet to grips with Marxist economics with the Marx Memorial Library (MML) this summer. This course – aimed at beginners - provides a basic introduction to the Marxist analysis of capitalist economics – comparing and contrasting its approach to that provided by neo-liberal and Keynesian interpretations. We will look at Marx's pamphlet, Wages, Price and Profit. Written in 1864 at the same time Marx was finishing his great work, Capital, Volume 1, it boils down the arguments of Capital to their simple essence.

MML on-line learning is based on reading, questioning and mutual support from other participants and tutors. It seeks to draw on the varied life experience and knowledge of those taking part.

Each course has four sessions or classes, each lasting two weeks. For each session you will be provided with short readings, explanatory notes, film clips, short videos and questions or discussion points to which you are asked to respond. These questions form the basis for debate and interaction. The tutor responds, where appropriate, to take discussion forward and to sum up at the end of each class.

Each participant can contribute as much or as little as they want and arrange their participation at times which suit within each two week period.

The four classes are:

  1. An introduction to Karl Marx and Wages, Price and Profit
  2. Class, political power and exploitation
  3. Labour Value and capitalist crisis
  4. Contradictions of capitalism

You can find further details and register for the course, here