The EU election results confirm that Britain's political crisis continues to deepen. For the ruling class of monopoly capitalists, their first choice as the party of government is now divided, discredited and demoralised. The Tories appear incapable of delivering the semi-Brexit that might have resolved the crisis, while keeping Britain bound by the big business 'freedoms' of the EU Single Market.

Instead, the most likely option now for the ruling class - unless the October 31 deadline can be extended - is that a cross-party alliance of pro-EU MPs will revoke Britain's notice to leave the EU, with or without a rigged second referendum. This would be risky because - as the Brexit Party victory indicates - the political backlash could bury British monopoly capitalism's main supporters in the Tory and Labour parties.

But Britain's political crisis also threatens to destroy the prospect of a left-led Labour Party winning a majority at the next General Election.

The fanatically pro-EU, pro-NATO and anti-socialist section of the Shadow Cabinet and the Parliamentary Labour Party is regaining the initiative, attacking every type of Brexit and pressing for a second referendum. All the attempts by leading Labour Eurosceptics to appease them by campaigning for Remain and staying silent on the anti-democratic, anti-working class and militaristic character of the EU have failed. Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn now need to speak up, not least to point out how EU treaties, directives and court rulings would be used to block and undermine the left and progressive policies of a future left government.

Labour is being seen by millions of its previously rock-solid voters as anti-Brexit and anti-democratic. They either stayed away from last week's EU poll or cast a protest vote for Nigel Farage's opportunist bunch of reactionaries.

The resurrection of Farage and the triumph of his Brexit Party is due almost entirely to all the cynical moves by pro-EU MPs to delay, dilute and delete Brexit.

Unless Labour acts genuinely to honour the majority Leave vote of June 2016 and wins back millions of working-class electors, there will be no chance of forming a left-led government. Their support is worth more than that of fly-by-nights who flit between Labour and the LibDems or Greens.

Only a return to class politics, in place of the anti-Brexit politics of personality, fear and hysteria, offers a way out of this political crisis in the interests of the working class and the labour movement.