Hysterical attacks on Labour over accusations of anti-Semitism and a renewed drive to force the party to back staying in the EU show the Establishment remains terrified of the possibility of a Corbyn-led government, the Communist Party’s political committee declared on Wednesday evening (July 10).

But Labour’s decision on Tuesday to call for a second referendum if faced with a Tory Brexit on no-deal or bad-deal terms and to campaign for Remain in such a vote will undermine the party’s credibility with working-class voters, the Political Committee warned.

But Britain's Communists pointed out that Labour is still calling for a General Election and committed to negotiate Brexit — and that the cause of the Labour leader’s retreat was the dominance of the pro-EU trend among Labour members and the trade union movement. Communists are committed if necessary to the 'long haul' in fighting to build a clearer understanding of the nature of the EU throughout the unions and the CP welcomes a forthcoming gathering of pro-Leave left forces to plan that strategy at London’s SOAS on Saturday July 27.

The CP political committee highlighted the weaponisation of the Civil Service and the BBC via mendacious attack shows like Panorama’s anti-Semitism hatchet job, noting that the anti-democratic character of the British state was growing clearer. The Communist Party will use these attacks to raise important questions of democracy and the state throughout the labour and progressive movements through public meetings and in day to day campaigning to develop consciousness across the left of the nature of the battle being fought, the PC proposed.

Delivering the main political report, Morning Star editor Ben Chacko welcomed the Stop the War Coalition’s campaign to prevent a disastrous war on Iran and called on CP national, district and branch organisations to work with Stop the War and consider holding local meetings to build the anti-war movement.