'The British ruling class are doing as much as they can to prevent Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party from taking office as the result of the General Election', Carol Stavris told the Communist Party's executive committee last weekend.

'Boris Johnson has been given the task by the Tory Party's big business sponsors of leading his divided forces to victory on December 12, aided by vicious daily attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by a large section of the mass media and by anti-socialist elements within his own party', the CP Women's Organiser declared.

She welcomed the main proposals in Labour's recently published election manifesto, 'It's time for Real Change'.

In particular, Britain's Communists expressed their support for measures to end austerity, extend public ownership in the transport, energy, postal and broadband industries, build hundreds of thousands of new homes in the public sector, introduce a massive job-creating 'Green New Deal' to combat climate change, restore sectoral collective bargaining, extend workers' rights and replace student tuition fees by maintenance grants.

Noting that she was speaking on the eve of UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, November 25, Ms Stavris warmly endorsed Labour's plans to end the gender discrimination in state pension retirement ages.

'Other parties recognise the popularity of Labour's agenda and have been forced into presenting watered-down imitations of some of its ideas - but unlike Labour, they will not tax the rich and big business to help fund the NHS, education, housing and environmental security', she accused.

The Communist Party reiterated its call for a Labour vote everywhere, despite opposing the latter's intention to hold a second referendum on EU membership instead of honouring the 2016 vote for Brexit. The General Election campaign now demands mass activity and single-minded determination, the Communists insist, rather than defeatism or exaggerated optimism.
Whatever the General Election result, Ms Stavris argued than the working class needs a stronger and more influential Communist Party to open a new phase in the struggle for state power. The party's latest membership figures show an 11 per cent growth in 2019 to reach a five-year high.

Internationally, the CP executive committee noted the upsurge in protests against capitalist injustice and oppression from Bolivia, Colombia and Chile to France, Lebanon and Iraq. Yet most of the media's attention and sympathy is concentrated on violent rioters in Hong Kong, who are wrongly described as 'pro-democracy' protestors even after smashing up the chamber of the island's elected representatives.

Britain's Communists urged a big protest in London on December 3 against not only US President Trump's attendance at the NATO summit, but also the alliance's imperialist policies of rearmament, expansion, intervention and nuclear proliferation.