CP General Secretary will Robert Griffiths will appear on the BBC2’s Daily Politics show today (Thursday 2nd April) from 12 noon to 1pm. His previous appearance on the show for the 2010 general election can be viewed on Youtube

The Party's intervention in this general election is “part of a wider strategy to put the working class back at the heart of political struggle in Britain", said Mr Griffiths.

He will unveil key election policies including the repeal of all anti-trade union legislation, the break-up of Britain’s millionaire-owned media monopolies and unilateral nuclear disarmamen.

CP election organiser Martin Levy said no-one on the left should “view the return of a Conservative government with equanimity” and that a Labour victory would provide an opportunity to rebuild working-class confidence."

“Even so, Labour’s ‘austerity-lite’ is not good enough. That’s why we’re standing a limited number of candidates to return class politics to this election.”