Communist Party parliamentary candidate for Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney, Rob Griffiths, threw down the gauntlet to his Labour, LibDem and Tory rivals on Wednesday evening, with veteran independent councillor Julian Amos describing Rob Griffiths as "head and shoulders" above them all

In a well-attended hustings meeting organised by Merthyr Trades Council, he said they were not serious about fighting tax evasion.

‘Will they demand the closure of 28 tax havens around the world under British jurisdiction, where the British capitalist class stash much of their enormous wealth?’ he asked.

In particular, the Communist Party leader challenged Labour candidate Gerald Jones to say whether, if elected, he would support a wealth tax on the super-rich, public ownership of the utilities and railways and the repeal of all anti-trade union laws.

But Mr Jones stuck doggedly to his official Labour Party script, condemning ‘Tory’ cuts while making clear that an incoming Labour government would also have to take ‘tough decisions’ to balance the books.

The UKIP candidate happily defied his party’s manifesto to endorse many Communist Party policies, but drew a stinging rebuke from Mr Griffiths for blaming economic and social problems on immigration.