Britain's communists have welcomed the No2EU - Yes to Workers Rights challenge in next month's European Parliament elections as 'a vital antidote to the reactionary and anti-foreigner poison' of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

General secretary Rob Griffiths told the Communist Party political committee on Wednesday that UKIP was preying on people's disllusionment with establishment politics and the European Union.
  'But UKIP leader and ex-City speculator Nigel Farage is a first-class passenger on the Brussels and Strasbourg gravy train who opposes trade union and employment rights, proposes further tax cuts for the rich and big business and wants to privatise the NHS', Mr Griffiths declared.
  The CP leader pointed out that UKIP supports the austerity and privatisation policies that have made 26 million people unemployed across Europe, but then cynically seeks to 'whip up a vile wave of xenophobia' to make workers in Britain fear for their jobs.
  'Only No2EU - Yes to Workers Rights will be campaigning against austerity and privatisation, for public ownership and full employment, and for equal rights for all workers to ensure that employers can't use cheap migrant labour to undercut wages, terms and conditions', Mr Griffiths insisted.
  The No2EU electoral alliance comprises the RMT rail and transport union, the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, the Indian Workers Association and other groups and individuals. 
  In the small number of European parliamentary constituencies without No2EU candidates, Britain's communists will be calling for 'a vote from the left to block UKIP and the BNP fascists'.
  The CP political committee also urged the labour movement and the left not to allow UKIP, the BNP and the Tory rights to dominate anti-EU opinion with right-wing arguments. It reiterated the party's view of the EU as an 'anti-democratic big business club in which an unelected EU Commission and an unaccountable European Central Bank enforce neoliberal policies enshrined in EU fundamental treaties'.
  CP international secretary John Foster warned, too, about the militarisation of the EU as the European pillar of NATO.
  'Led by the unelected president Jose Barroso and high commissioner Baroness Ashton, the EU has fuelled the drive eastwards to impose a new economic and military order on the peoples of the former socialist countries and Soviet republics', Mr Foster accused.
  He revealed that 17 communist and left parties in Europe have now signed a joint statement condemning the EU as 'in essence neoliberal and militarist' and therefore 'unreformable', including Die Linke in Germany, Portugal's Left Bloc and the Danish Red-Green Alliance.
  'Calling for Britain's exit from the EU on socialist policies is our internationalist duty as well as a national necessity', the CP international secretary concluded.
  The CP political committee also decided to:
• Express solidarity with Doncaster care workers, Heathrow Express staff, teachers, civil servants and other employees taking or planning industrial action.
• Mobilise a massive turnout for the People's Assembly national demonstration against austerity on June 21 in London.
• Extend the party's EU election appeal target to £15,000 now that the original £10,000 target has been surpassed.
• Congratulate CP and Unity for Peace and Socialism candidates on their campaigns for the May 22 English local elections.
• Urge trade unions to send delegations to Venezuela and Cuba which face renewed attempts at destabilisation.