The Tories have received a ‘green light’ to intensify the ruling class offensive on every front, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths declared on Monday evening.
  Addressing an emergency meeting of the party’s political committee, he forecast a ‘renewed assault’ on working class living standards, public services and democratic rights, while renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system would ‘accelerate a new arms race and threaten world peace’.
  Mr Griffiths warned that local government and the Welfare State were now in danger of being ‘hacked to death’ by a fresh and bigger round of cuts, while workers could expect vicious attacks on their employment and trade union rights.
  In assessing the General Election, he also attacked the Labour Party campaign for lacking courage and clarity because its manifesto ‘failed to represent the real interests of millions of working class electors – and they sensed it’.
  In particular, he pointed to Labour’s refusal to ‘confront monopoly capitalism’ with policies for public ownership, economic planning and modernisation and a massive redistribution of wealth across a federal Britain.
  ‘Now the floodgates have been opened for a grisly procession of New Labour relics who want a return to full-scale Labour grovelling to big business, the gutter press, the EU, the US and NATO’, he commented.
  But the Communist Party leader also said the potential existed to build a ‘broad-based, people’s alliance’ against Tory big business rule, drawing together the trade unions, workers on benefits, the unemployed, tenants, carers and peace campaigners. 
  'This is no time for a parliamentary fatalism that thinks nothing can or should be done to get rid of the Tories until the year 2020', Mr Griffiths remarked. ‘The all-Britain demonstration against austerity organised by the People’s Assembly for June 20 in London can mark the beginning of a huge fight-back against a regime voted in by only one-quarter of the electorate’.
  Britain’s communists also announced their intention to help build a ‘left and progressive alliance against EU austerity, privatisation and anti-democratic diktat’ in preparation for a referendum on Britain’s membership in 2017.
  ‘The left and labour movement should not allow the Tory and UKIP right to monopolise the anti-EU case with their reactionary anti-regulation and anti-foreigner arguments’, Mr Griffiths insisted.