CP recruitment campaign -

'Nobody ever asked me!'

The party is running a major recruitment campaign in March and April 2014. PO No.20 gives you advance notice of the campaign to help you plan your contribution.

 Recruitment is central to the party’s strategic aim of building its political profile, raising its game and increasing influence within the labour movement.  The importance of getting this right is self-evident. A successful recruitment campaign will increase capacity to do what we all know needs to be done, build confidence and feed through into other areas of party activity.  

You are encouraged to do your utmost to reach out to friends and supporters and convince them to step up their involvement in the current political struggle by joining the party.

 Why your contribution is vital

There is considerable potential to increase party membership significantly beyond its current level. This will mean tapping into existing networks and contacts as well as reaching out to newer target groups. In all of this something that stands out is the recognition that “nobody asked me” is the reason given by many who have not joined. All the evidence suggests that face-to-face recruitment is the most effective way that we will build the force for socialism. 

This means a concerted effort by all members, whatever their role in the party and irrespective of the length of time they’ve been a party member, to reach out to potential recruits. As a party secretary or organiser, you will play a crucial role in mobilising comrades in your area, considering what you need to do to prepare for the recruitment campaign and flagging the crucial role this will play helping to promote the broad left anti-austerity movement. 

Who will the campaign target?

We know recruitment campaigns work best when they are targeted towards particular groups. So this campaign will focus on a) those who know us well, including those who were members previously, b) those who know us via union, workplace or community campaign links and c) women workers and community and women’s movement activists. But this shouldn’t preclude approaching others who have recruitment potential.

How will we help you?

We will supply a comprehensive recruitment pack to all [branches/members]. This will include:

•    A cover letter setting out the rationale for the campaign

•    Copies of the new recruitment leaflet

•    A set of Frequently Asked Questions covering the main topics raised by potential recruits

•    Copies of the membership form.

Next steps
Please use your next branch meeting to consider how you can best make an effective contribution to this campaign. We will be in touch shortly with more news on the campaign and will circulate recruitment materials.

We ask you to consider the following:
•    What are the main concerns or questions you encounter when talking to people about joining the party?
•    What recruitment methods do you find work best (or least well)?

•    What are the reasons given by new members for joining the party (or for people not joining the party)?

•    How should we best support new members to ensure their membership is sustained and we tap effectively into their enthusiasm?

See the recruitment section [pages 35/36] of party handbook available here.