Three of the most consistent political activists in Britain's communist and workers' movement will be presented with long-service awards Saturday 15 January.

Communist Party members George and Joan Wills and Frank Liddiard will receive the awards from party chairman Bill Greenshields during a ceremony at the University of Cambridge.

The event is hosted by the party's Eastern District.

After the prize-giving ceremony it will continue with a People's Charter meeting involving the local Labour, Green and Communist Parties as well as union activists and anti-cuts organisers.

Frank Liddiard, who joined the CP 69 years ago and attended the Peoples' Convention, became the president of a civil servant's union before being witch-hunted out.

He is still an active branch member in Cambridge and an executive member of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

George Wills joined the party in 1951.

At the time he was working at Fords Dagenham where he actively raised funds for the then Daily Worker and sold copies of the paper to fellow factory workers.

Joan Wills joined the CP in 1953.

She worked for Arrow Shirts in the 1950s and was convener of the Tailor and Garment Union, leading workers out on strike against pay cuts.

Both Joan and George are still active in the peace and anti-fascist movements.