Fascists outnumbered 10-1 in Kilmarnock

250 people demonstrated yesterday in the Ayrshire town of Kilmarnock against the Fascist Scottish Defence League' s presence. Less than 30 of the fascist group showed up in the town centre for a "static demonstration" where they were heckled by bystanders.

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SCOTLAND: Anti cuts campaign takes off

WDC Joint Trades Unions press release
"Trade union and community  activists set up a stall outside Clydebank Coop on Saturday with a petition against cuts and charges to Council services and were almost overwhelmed by the public response as shoppers queued to sign up.
In forthright language the people of Clydebank were saying that they are not prepared to accept cuts or increased charges for their local services to pay off the 'greedy bankers'.
Time and time again the activists were told that people do not accept that there is no money for such as transport, social or garden services while billions of pounds were wasted on wars and nuclear weapons.
What is clear is that a political party that came out with policies for the people instead of promoting the interests of the usual mix of big business, the super rich, and the war mongers - would be on a winner. But are the politicians listening?
The unions noted that on the same day they were on the streets of Clydebank the fascist Scottish Defence League were in Edinburgh and warned that when politicians ignore the will of the people it creates apathy and a vacuum that can be filled by the extreme right.
So successful was the Clydebank campaigning that the unions and community will be out next Saturday in Clydebank and Alexandria building for their forthcoming public meetings.
Protest and organise against the attack on jobs and services in West  
Dunbartonshire at the following public meetings organised by the trade
Dumbarton Lesser Burgh Hall on Monday 1st  March                      
Clydebank Town Hall, Court Room on Wednesday 3rd March                
Alexandria CE Centre Cafe on Thursday 4th March                       
                        all at 7.00 p.m"

An anti-cuts campaign which is an inspiration to us all, led by unions and involving the local community is to be followed up with three public meetings next week.

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