250 people demonstrated yesterday in the Ayrshire town of Kilmarnock against the Fascist Scottish Defence League' s presence. Less than 30 of the fascist group showed up in the town centre for a "static demonstration" where they were heckled by bystanders.
The counter-demonstration was organised at short notice by the Kilmarnock and Loudoun Trades Union Council. The march was joined by well wishers as it passed through the town's centre. At a rally in a sunny Howard Park, the new local Labour MP, Cathy Jamieson emphasised to the SDL and other racists that "the message is clear, we won't let you infiltrate our community and stir unrest". She was joined on the platform by East Ayrshire Council leader Douglas Reid who was straight to the point: "Kilmarnock deserves better than the racist thugs who turned up at the Foregate".

The marchers also who heard from Henry Ho of the local Chinese community who spoke of the tolerance of his fellow town's folk. A United Against Fascism representative made the point that Kilmarnock had shown what can be done when trades unions and community groups organise together.