Welsh Communists called at the weekend for the return of a ‘left and progressive majority’ in the country’s National Assembly elections next year.
  With opinion polls suggesting that voting in May 2016 might well produce a hung legislature, Welsh Communist Party secretary Trevor Jones said that the best outcome for the Welsh people would be the election of a Welsh Labour government or a Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition in Cardiff.
  ‘In order to make clear our position and commitment, the Welsh Communist Party will not contest any of the 40 constituency seats next year, despite calls from outside the party to do so, but we will fight all five regional list sections and claim our full political broadcasting rights’, Mr Jones told the Morning Star after the meeting In Pontypridd.
  The party’s national committee welcomed the upsurge in support for the People’s Assembly in different parts of Wales since the May 7 general election.
  ‘The fightback against cuts, privatisation, the Bedroom Tax and anti-trade union laws must be stepped up as Wales stays true to its left-wing traditions and plays its full role in the fight against this Tory government’, Mr Jones declared.
  The Welsh Communist Party national committee also urged support for moves within Welsh Labour-led local authorities to organise a mass lobby of the Westminster parliament on July 8, when Chancellor George Osborne presents another ‘emergency budget’ to intensify his government’s attack on local public services.