'Tories trying to switch agenda', CP insists

'Backed by much of the mass media, the Tory government is pulling out all the stops to switch the political agenda from Britain's social crisis to one of Russia aggression and loyalty tests', John Foster told the Communist Party's executive committee at the weekend. 

Not surprisingly, he remarked, Prime Minister May and her Cabinet colleagues do not want to focus attention on longer NHS waiting lists, school cuts, rent rises, benefit freezes, housing evictions and local council bankruptcies.

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Communists condemn 'steady as the economy sinks' budget

The Communist Party has condemned what it calls Chancellor Philip Hammond's 'steady as the economy sinks' Autumn Budget.

CP general secretary Robert Griffiths said it reflected Tory priorities to 'fill the boots of private enterprise with public money' and shore up big business profits.

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The Tory attack on low paid workers, benefit claimants and people with disabilities will continue for years to come unless we get rid of this government.

Most of the cuts planned by ex-Chancellor Osborne are going ahead as planned through freezing in-work benefits, rolling out Universal Credit and slashing disability payments. At the same time there are yet more tax cuts for business and extra public subsidies for capitalist free markets in housing, transport and technical innovation that have failed so miserably up to now. Instead of pumping £8bn more into the private housing sector and accelerating the forced sell-off of Housing Association properties, that money could build 140,000 new homes - almost four times more than Chancellor Hammond unveiled today.

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