Jonathan White - Building an Economy for the People

The Bank of England is predicting continued economic stagnation in Britain for years to come writes Jonathan White, editor of a recent book Building an Economy for the People: an alternative economic and political strategy for 21st century Britain. This book is a must read for all interested in an alternative to Osborne's slash and burn programme.

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750 students in Cambridge hear Communists put the case against capitalism

Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths spoke at the Cambridge Union on Thursday, October 4, in support of the motion that 'This House believes that capitalism has failed'. He was seconded by a nineteen year old engineering student who is secretary of the University Communist Society.

You can read Robert's speech here, view the video of both speeches here and a report here.

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BUDGET: Communists propose support for services, jobs and industry

In crisis times you can go one of two ways. With and for the people. Or with and for the capitalists who caused the crisis in the first place. This is a budget of the rich, by the rich, for the rich say the Communists. Nothing else should have been expected from a Con-Dem Cabinet with 22 millionaires among its 29 members. Read on for the CP proposals to tackle the ruling class destruction of services, jobs and industry. You can download and print off to distribute a new CP leaflet on the budget here.

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