A new power in the land


Today the writ of Government was challenged and there could be no denying it. Spin doctors were wheeled out to seek to deflect the obvious; Britain's workers had delivered a resounding no to plans to make us work longer, pay more for our pensions and receive less. 


The Cabinet of millionaires thought it could do what it liked because it alone had the power to impose. Today's strike demonstrates that there is another power in the land - its the organised workers alongside workers who are organising.


Wages are frozen, inflation spirals, spending cuts reduce services and jobs are shed by the tens, indeed hundreds of thousands. Economic pundits predict what every citizen of Britain already knows - the recession is set to deepen and it will be workers who are expected to shoulder the burden.


There was not a village or hamlet, town or city, social or community centre, port or health centre which was unaffected. Every family in Britain either had someone on strike or knew someone who had taken a stand giving the lie to those who seek to divide those campaigning for decent public and state pensions from those in the private sector. Everyone knows that families invariably contain both kinds and the idea that one might be cut or the other worsened without affecting all, is the worst kind of government lie. 


The support for today's action surprised only the cabinet. It included an evident wish to pursue the issue with further industrial action where necessary and on in to the new year.


The success of today's action? First it served as a wake up call to all to act against the government of plunder. Second it built confidence, organisation and recruitment to both unions and campaigns, in preparation of the next phase. Finally it challenged the unions and the Labour Party to speak up and speak out. In the coming months all of these factors will intensify.