The initial online registration fee is £12 for 12 months membership. This is a temporary measure for online registration taking into account the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. New members are not fully admitted to the Party until officially confirmed by a local branch representative. This still applies, but any interviews will now need to take place online. Please note that monthly dues rates range from the £1 up to £41, dependent on income and therefore may need to be increased from the initial £1 a month once full registration details are provided. Finally, if your application is refused by your potential local branch representative, you will receive a refund of £11 with £1 being retained to cover administration costs.

2020 is the centenary year of the Communist Party, marking 100 years of struggle for socialism in Britain and internationalism with the struggle of oppressed people and workers abroad. The party has local branches throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Membership is growing - up 11 per cent in 2019 - and with each application, ordinary working class people can make the case for socialism stronger.

When your application is received, we will process it, and send only your contact details to the nearest party branch, who will then get in touch. The branch may well email you, so please check your junk box in case it is diverted.

We take your membership seriously. The Communist Party is not a paper membership but is active in the struggle for socialism in unions and communities, in campaigns for education, health and jobs and in the women’s, anti racist and anti fascist and peace movements. You can discuss how best to apply your activism, within your local party branch.

Don’t forget, as a member you have rights and responsibilities and you can access the party rule book and activists handbook, once your membership is confirmed.

We look forward to joining you in the struggle for socialism.

The central office of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) is based in Croydon, UK.