Following the huge positive response of workers to the day of co-ordinated strike action, and the sabre rattling threats from government spokesmen, Bill Greenshields, Communist Party Chairman spoke to a meeting of activists in Derby.

Greenshields called for “increasingly generalised strike action, widespread civil disobedience and a sustained movement firmly rooted  in communities throughout Britain against all cuts and job loss – and for the alternative economic and social strategy identified in The People’s Charter.”

Speaking to a post-strike activist meeting in Derby, Mr Greenshields said, “On the eve of the strike, multi-millionaire Chancellor Osborne’s “Autumn Statement” reaffirmed and escalated his unelected government’s war on the working class. Promising even larger numbers of job losses, continued real term pay cuts and further savage cuts to public services, Osborne made it clear that the battle lines are drawn. They mean to drive down living standards, and attack every aspect of the lives of working class people in both public and private sectors, in both services and manufacturing industry.
It must now be clear to everyone that this government cannot be allowed to continue. It has no mandate, no legitimacy, being cobbled together out of two failed parties. Yet it is waging war on working people on behalf of the big monopolies and the super rich. In this it is supported by international capitalist organisations, with the European Union in the lead. 
It is the responsibility of the trade union movement to organise and to mobilise communities to remove it from office. This requires both national action co-ordinated across both private and public sectors, and sustained resistance in every town and rural area of Britain.”
Mr Greenshields went on to pledge the support of Britain’s communists for the work of the TUC both in promoting an alternative economic and political strategy, and also in encouraging all local Trades Union Councils to work with The People’s Charter in organising the fight in local communities for public services, industry, jobs and skills.
“The people of Britain need to rid themselves of this destructive cabal, which has only the interests of the bankers and monopoly big business at heart. But we also need to ensure that there is a progressive alternative that can replace the ConDems in government. The Labour leadership is continuing to fail to offer that alternative. The answer to both of these challenges is to build an active and sustained mass movement for change that will remove the ConDems and establish a powerful new agenda.”