The Communist Party’s Economics Commission has just published a radical, hard-hitting pamphlet on the need for a progressive taxation system in Britain: From Each According to Their Means.

The pamphlet challenges the current neo-liberal consensus and offers a comprehensive set of recommendations for moving to a fairer, socialist society.

Chris Guiton, Convener of the Economics Commission said, "Dealing with rampant tax evasion and avoidance, and the self-evident need for major reform of Britain’s taxation system, are critical issues. But they don't receive as much attention as they deserve as the three major political parties vie to conform to the austerity agenda. The report offers a class-based analysis of the impact over recent years of the shift from direct to indirect taxation, the reduction in top rates of income tax and corporation tax, and the implications of widespread tax evasion."

The pamphlet presents proposals to clamp down on tax havens and the transnational corporations that use them, develop an effective wealth tax, restore income tax for wealthier individuals and corporation tax to sensible levels, introduce an innovative alternative to existing property taxes with one based on the actual value of land, and develop new types of environmental taxes.

Chris Guiton said, "As we approach the 2015 general election and the political debate sharpens, the aim is to stimulate discussion in the trade union and labour movement about the critical role progressive taxation plays in tackling growing inequality, funding public services and making the broader case for a genuinely socialist alternative economic programme."

Copies of the pamphlet are available at the online shop.