The ongoing revelations about the so-called Panama Papers reveal the venality, mendacity and parasitic nature of the Tories and the financial interests they represent. You may recall the party's Economics Commisssion published a hard-hitting pamphlet in December 2014 on the esssential tax reforms which should be featured in a left progressive programme, including radical proposals to: tackle tax evasion and close tax havens; restore fair rates of corporation tax; introduce an innovative alternative to existing property and council taxes with one based on the actual value of land; and the introduction of an annual wealth tax aimed at the super-rich. It's a critical and comprehensive contribution to an often neglected but incredibly important issue.

The Mossack Fonseca leaks are just the tip of the iceberg. The pamphlet is a must buy for any labour movement activist, which can be used to promote transparent and progressive taxation to the trade union and labour movement as esssential policy for a fairer Britain. I attach a copy of the pamphlet. Copies for purchase are available from: