ELECTION: CP Wales Manifesto 2011 launched


'Vote Communist for Public Services, Jobs and a People’s Wales' on May 5.

Welsh Communists launched their manifesto in Cardiff today (April 15) for the National Assembly of Wales elections with a stinging attack on the 'tweedle dumb' parties, each of which has failed to show an alternative to the economic crisis. You can read the bilingual Manifesto here.

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WALES ELECTION 2011: CP TV and radio broadcasts

Today is TV day for the Welsh Communist Party in its Welsh Assembly Election campaign. Don't miss your chance to learn about the communist party's alternative to the capitalist crisis economy.  The party election broadcast by the Welsh Communist Party will be shown today (14.4.11) on BBC1 at 22.35; BBC2 at 23.20, ITV at 22.33 and on S4C at 20.00. 

Keep up to minute with our campaign by following the Party on Twitter @WelshCommunists #2ndVoteCommunist

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