Zoe Hennessy, is one of the youngest candidates contesting in the General Election. She is General Secretary of the Young Communist League, a member of Unite and currently works in a supermarket. She lives in North West Glasgow and is a graduate of Glasgow University.  Zoe launched the CP Manifesto for Scotland on l4 April.

The Scottish Manifesto can be downloaded here..

The key demand is for a Federal Republic that provides Home Rule parliaments for Scotland and Wales and also enables working class unity to be developed across the nations of Britain.

• It calls for the Federal Parliament to control currency, banking, interest rates and taxes on wealth and capital - with a constitutional obligation to redistribute tax income across Britain geographically in light of social need
• All other powers should be devolved to national parliaments with tax powers over income and consumption and borrowing powers sufficient to fund industrial development and develop public sector ownership of utilities
• lt sees such a federal structure as the best framework for developing unity among working people across Britain in face of the most serious assault on rights and living standard for half a century.
• lt rejects ‘devo max’ as a trap. lt would stop the redistribution of wealth across Britain, disunite working people and leave Scotland poorer

Zoe Hennessy says: ‘I am proud to stand as a candidate for the Communist Party. Our party has a long tradition of fighting for working class power, organising in the trade unions and in Scottish communities in the battle for a better life for working people’.

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