EU & popular sovereignty

Communist response to EU heads of government meeting

Responding today (March 22) to the EU heads of government meeting and statement on Britain's relationship with the EU, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths said:

'Thursday evening’s circus in Brussels has left parliamentary democracy in a precarious state, with the governments of Germany and France telling us when we can leave and on what terms. EU Commissioners are even instructing MPs as to how they should vote next week. What more is needed to illustrate the power of the EU opposed to popular sovereignty? This weekend, many thousands of Remain supporters will march. The Communist Party urges members and supporters, indeed all who voted Leave, to refrain from invective and not allow themselves to be provoked. Instead, we need to seek out Remain voters who respect the outcome of democratic votes, those who fear EU power yet voted Remain and those who wrongly believe the EU is a force for unity and patiently explain its true character and role. Wherever possible, Leave supporters should establish street stalls or hold meetings to show that continuing membership would jeopardise any future left-led Labour government. There’s a pressing need to bring workers together. Whether people voted Leave or Remain there’s a General Election soon that has to be won and it only can be if we are united'.

Statement from London District Committee Communist Party of Britain

London District Communist Party has called for former Labour MPs who have resigned to join the so called Independent Group to resign their seats and stand in a by-election. Noting that three of the MPs Joan Ryan, Chuka Ummuna, and Mike Gapes represent London constituencies Steve Johnson Secretary of London CPB pointed out that all were elected on a left-wing anti-austerity Labour manifesto which included a commitment to accept the EU referendum result.

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CP urges resistance to right-wing anti-Corbyn offensive

The three-pronged assault on Jeremy Corbyn and the prospect of a left-led Labour government must be resisted by labour movement activists and the trades unions, the Communist Party has declared.

Speaking to the CP political committee on Wednesday evening (March 13), alternate member Alex Gordon argued that Corbyn's keynote EU speech in Coventry in February 2018 had prompted a furious response from an anti-socialist coalition of forces in the 'New Labour' rump, the Parliamentary Labour Party and the mass media.

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Worker's Brexit Now! Sticker

cpb brexit stickerSpread the word with this novelty sticker! Superbly designed by a Party comrade, this blue matt sticker features the words "Worker's Brexit Now!" in white letters. The square sticker measures 4" by 4". Learn more about the Communist Party of Britain's position in relation to Brexit

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