'Big business and the Tory Cabinet may be divided over Britain's future relationship with the EU - but neither camp offers a way forward that would benefit the workers and peoples of Britain', Robert Griffiths told the Communist Party's political committee on Thursday.

Most financial monopolies in the City and their voices in the Tory, LibDem and Labour parties would like to reverse Brexit or at least keep Britain enmeshed in the neoliberal rules and institutions of the EU single market, he charged.

'They know that key policies in Labour's programme - such as public ownership, public investment bonds, state aid for industry, VAT reform, contract compliance and ending the free market in migrant labour - can be blocked by the EU Commission and misnamed Court of Justice', Mr Griffiths argued.

But he warned that the alternative proposed by US and British-owned 'vulture capitalist' firms in the City of London and their Tory supporters is for a post-Brexit Britain that negotiates its own 'free trade' and 'free movement' treaties around the world.

'They fear even the mildest EU regulation of the giant tax-dodging, money laundering and asset-stripping casino that is the City', the CP leader accused.

Britain's communists called instead for Labour to offer a clear alternative to any kind of domination by big business market forces.

'That means Britain leaving the EU and its single market, while retaining access to it on the same terms enjoyed by the US, China and Japan - if not better', Mr Griffiths insisted, 'while rejecting any kind of transitional agreement that maintains the sovereignty of EU treaties and institutions'.

'The transitional arrangements currently proposed by the Tory and Labour leaderships are just a continuation of EU membership by another name, which will be used by some as a breathing space during which Brexit can be sabotaged', he warned.

The CP political committee expressed its concern that Tory and Labour failure to stand up to the EU and fully implement last year's referendum decision could revive support for UKIP and the far right of the Tory party.