The labour movement should beware the drive to present continuing alignment with the EU Single Market as a 'unifying' post-Brexit policy, Britain's communists have warned.

Addressing the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening (December 20), general secretary Robert Griffiths branded it a 'one nation' Tory and big business approach that would obstruct the progressive policies of a future Labour government.

'EU single market rules enforced by the overbearing EU Commission and the unaccountable European Central Bank would not only prevent Britain from negotiating its own economic relations with other developed and Third World countries', he warned.

'They would also restrict or outlaw many of the measures in Labour's General Election manifesto, including those for state-backed infrastructure investment, aid for industry, VAT reform, fairer public procurement policies, renationalisation of the railways and water supply and a regulated labour market that puts an end to super-exploitation', Mr Griffiths pointed out.

The CP political committee reiterated its support for a 'people's exit' from the EU, with no submission to EU single market rules, a minimum divorce bill and regulation of the movement of capital and labour rather than a 'capitalist free market to maximise corporate profit'.

Britain's communists will approach other left and labour movement forces early in the new year to reinvigorate campaigning for an EU exit settlement which respects popular sovereignty and safeguards the rights and powers of a future Labour government.

The CP political committee also decided to:

  • Send a message of solidarity to Plymouth DWP workers striking to defend local jobs and services.
    Oppose Tory plans to place the cost of funding additional social care on local authorities and working class council tax payers.
  • Warn against the likely 'catastrophic' impact of the way in which Universal Credit will be rolled out across Britain.
  • Send best wishes to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as it prepares for the March 2018 presidential elections.
  • Endorse plans for the party to hold a Young Workers School on Sunday, May 6.
  • Propose that the CP issue a draft updated edition of its programme, Britain's Road to Socialism, for wider consultation following the party's executive committee meeting in January.