Robert Griffiths - Britain must leave NATO

Robert Griffiths, general secretary of the CP argues the case for withdrawing from an aggressive military-political alliance founded on lies and deceit, which threatens the security of us all in Britain.

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SAMBROOK STANDS FIRM: In court this Friday

Judith Sambrook, a single parent on dialysis from Shrewsbury and member of the communist party, is before Wrexham Magistrates this Friday  [11-11-11] for refusing to fill in the  2011 census, due to the involvement in the data collection by US weapons manufacturer, Lockheed- Martin.

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YEOVIL and SHERBORNE: Anti war position wins debate

Yeovil & Sherborne Stop the War Coalition organised a great debate in Yeovil between Paddy Ashdown and Seumas Milne (Friday evening). The meeting can now be viewed in an excellent video on the StWC website. The anti war position carried the day.

SUPPORT: you can write to Joe Glenton

Joe Glenton has been imprisoned at Colchester Military Prison for opposing the Afghan war. The good news is that his appeal has gone forward. According to Clare and Sue Glenton, he "is well and defiant, and is supported by the thousands of people who have contacted us." Send support cards, letters etc to Joe Glenton MCTC, Berechurch Hall Camp, Colchester, Essex CO2 9NU.