SUPPORT: you can write to Joe Glenton

Joe Glenton has been imprisoned at Colchester Military Prison for opposing the Afghan war. The good news is that his appeal has gone forward. According to Clare and Sue Glenton, he "is well and defiant, and is supported by the thousands of people who have contacted us." Send support cards, letters etc to Joe Glenton MCTC, Berechurch Hall Camp, Colchester, Essex CO2 9NU.

Bring the war criminals to justice

When finding Nazi leaders guilty of causing World War Two, the Nuremberg tribunal declared that initiating a war of aggression was 'the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole'.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the blitzkrieg on Iraq and the divide-and-rule occupation policies which followed. Millions more were driven into exile. No significant section of the Iraqi opposition to the Saddam dictatorship asked Bush and Blair to play god with Iraqi lives.


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Palestine: why it remains essential to campaign for a two state solution

The establishment of a Palestinian State living in peace alongside Israel represents the solution long agreed by the international community to resolve one of the world’s oldest conflicts and most long-standing historical injustices.

 President Donald Trump has now expressed his disagreement. So where does that leave this demand?

 It is important to set out the existing arguments in favour of the ‘two state’ position.

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