The Peoples' Charter is organising a Workshop for local Charter activists on Saturday 16th October 2010. The new leaflet No "Business as usual" for distribution at the TUC is now available.

The Charter Campaign is arranging an activists workshop on Saturday
16th October 2010.

This is aimed at local activists who have an
interest in building and developing the Charter Campaign in local

The Charter objectives are more important now than ever.
In order to build the campaign, it is essential that the Charter's six
objectives are supported and widely adopted by as many community
groups and union branches as possible.

To this end, local activists
need help and resources from the centre and the workshop is organised
to assist with that.

The day is not a conference as such, more of a
practical workshop sharing experiences, identifying local needs and
sharing skills and resources.

If you wish to attend the day - starting
at 11am - RMT Headquarters near Euston Station, then please let us
know and you will be welcome.

For further information contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.