Eastern District CP building day and open meeting.

Saturday 15 January 2011

Your invitation.

VENUE: Faculty of Divinity, West Road, CAMBRIDGE, CB3 9BS

Dear brother/sister,

The recent 51st Congress of the Communist Party was the best in living memory. It displayed the militancy and clarity of the CP. But it had surprises too. There were many new delegates and new members and a much higher proportion of women delegates, later on reflected in the fact that women make up 40 per cent of the new CP Executive. There were sharp debates conducted in a comradely manner. And there was real unity behind the adoption of the domestic and international resolutions. Our comrade and District Committee member Charlotte Armstrong was elected to the CP executive and has attended her first meeting. Bill Greenshields has been elected as the new Chair of the Party.

There was a sense, amplified by experience of campaigning gained around the country, that the CP is entering a new phase in which it will be expected, and be able, to take initiatives to mobilise workers and communities in defence of jobs and rights.

In some ways, Congress confirmed what we anticipated at our recent Eastern District Congress and District Committee. There was:
  • a new interest in socialism evidenced by new applicants - especially amongst the young (uncluttered by Cold War lies);
  • existing CP activists in the District wanted to do more campaigning or, in some cases, campaign in new ways;
  • long-serving activists and officers who had held the flag aloft could now welcome new forces and do things they could not do before; and
  • and there was a stirring in sections of the Eastern England labour movement that had not occurred for years with meetings in Norwich and Chelmsford, Cambridge, Southend and Ipswich.

And so it was decided to convene a Party Building Day on 15 January 2011 and to encourage participation from supporters throughout the Eastern District.

We have arranged an excellent meeting facility with lunch provided. All supporters are welcome to attend the afternoon session from 12.30 onwards and if you wish to attend please let us know by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A small fee of around £2 will be levied on the day to cover costs of food.


District Committee meets 10.00 - 11.00 in closed session [CP District Committee members only]

Morning session: Building the Communist Party [CP members only - if you wish to join and attend, use the joining facility on the CP website]

11.00 - 12.30
Sessions on:
Developing our infrastructure - David Goode and Peter Norfolk
Recruitment - Kevin Marsh and Charlotte Armstrong
CP Marxist Education - Andrew Brown and Robert Wilkinson
Campaigning and the Labour Movement.

12.30 [Supporters are welcome to join us 12.30 onwards and for lunch]
Presentation of long service awards to: Frank Liddiard, George and Joan Wills


12.45 - 1.15

Afternoon session: Fighting the cuts and building the People’s Charter

1.15 - 3pm
Sessions on:
Opposing cuts, Building the Peoples’ Charter - Bill Greenshields [National Steering Commission of Peoples’ Charter], Andrew Brown and Steve Sweeney [Unison official Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital campaign].

Closing statement and agreement of objectives: David Goode and Charlotte Armstrong

We look forward to your attendance at this Building Day. The District Committee very much wants to hear of your experience and the ideas you have for developing campaigns. Please put this date in your diary.

Yours fraternally

Trevor Harris
Eastern District Secretary

David Goode
Eastern District Chair