The People’s Assembly has been given a boost with the formation of a new local group in Fife. Read on for details of meetings.

Tens of thousands of ordinary people throughout Fife are currently being hit by the austerity measures and the cuts that the government are inflicting on the working class and the poor of the country.  They are aimed at the very poorest in our communities and will have a major impact on the health and well-being of both the people affected and the wider community as a whole. 
To this end, Fife Trades Union Council and other local campaign groups are actively campaigning against all of the current and future austerity cuts. We will be holding public meetings throughout Fife to provide support and information to the communities that are being affected.  
We have linked with the work already started by The People’s Assembly held in London on 22nd June, where all of the major unions, individuals and groups from a wide range of political parties, have started a nationwide campaign against the cuts and the whole austerity agenda.
The ordinary working people of Fife are being forced to fight against reduced pensions, a lowering of working conditions and the right to a decent living wage. We now have two food banks operating in Fife. This is all being carried out in one of the richest nations of the world. 
The current myth and the lies of the “strivers versus skivers”, so vehemently perpetuated by the national media, is a further insult. In truth, it is those with a disability, or on welfare and minimum wages that are bearing the brunt of all the austerity measures. With 80% of the cuts still to implemented, the numbers of those affected will increase as each of the cuts take effect.
Most working class people have had either a wage freeze or a shameful 1% increase. With inflation at 3% this is in reality a wage cut. The working class are being penalised for the failure of the government, the banks and the financial sector.
Unfortunately this is only the beginning, Welfare, Education, the NHS, local services are all being targeted for further cuts in funding, with a concerted push towards privatisation.  
 It is our hope that we can encourage all current local groups or individuals to come along and take part in the meetings and the campaigns. It is important that the people and the communities these austerity measures are affecting have a voice and can get support and assistance to ensure they are not left isolated. The next organising meeting is on the 28th August at St Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy. 
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